The Powell House
Galena Territory

Galena, IL

Vineyards in the Area

Galena is located in a region known as the driftless area, which explains its deeply carved river valleys.  The glacier in the last ice age missed the surrounding area, causing it geogrpahical makeup to be unique for the midwest.  The features of the area include large bluffs, rolling hills, and valleys that make it a great location to have vineyards.  There are four vineyards located within thirty minutes of The Powell House where you can relax and enjoy wine and unique scenery.

Galena Cellars-  The Galena Cellars Vineyard is located five minutes away from the Powell House.  Its proximity makes it easy to enjoy the vineyard.  They also have a location in the downtown area of Galena, IL. 

Rocky Waters Vineyard-  Located in Hanover, IL just 25 minutes away.

Massbach Ridge-  Located in Elizabeth, IL just 25 minutes away.

Stonecliff Wineries-  Located in downtown Dubuque, IA by the Mississippi River.  Only thirty minutes away from The Powell House.

Iowa Wine Tours Inc. -  If you are interested in transportation to multiple vineyard in a single day for an event or occassion, Iowa Wine Tours will pick you up from the house and will take you to each location.  There are several other vineyards in the area that are between thirty minutes to an hour away that can be considered.       
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